iMathGeo 2.1 RC1

Tuesday 23 December 2008, by M. Logel

iMathGeo 2.1 RC1 IS finally out.

The news :

iMathGeo is a software which allows you to :
- do formal calculation.
- drawing 2D/3D graphics (doing dynamic geometry too)
- script your actions through Applescript
- export to many softwares (Indesign, Word VX à2008, LaTeX).

What’s new ?

Now it’s possible :
- to find primitives and calculate integral.
- to solve symbollicaly equations and inequations.
- solve in C and R equations
- to evaluate limites.
- to factorize
- to find Taylor developpment.
- to evaluate sum and product.
- to work with matrices (inverse, jordanise, diagonalise, eigen vectors, eigen values, transpose).

The typography is improved too :

Here’s an example :

Panther is insupported now.

It is compatible with 10.4/10.5 ppc/intel.

iMathGeo is now compatible with OpenOffice/TeXShop.

Write me your bugs report through this blog !!!

Here’s the : link