Powerplant update

The new version of powerplant is fully compatible with Navigation service (sheet window) and print session with sheet window.

Before I used special Navigation service I Rewrote.

Here’s the article.

I’ve to rewrote too powerplant to fully manage the activate/deactivate processus.

Here’s an example of using navigation service.

Navigations services
  • It manage fully the save as dialog.
  • the print session with sheet window.

It’s always possible to use with a flag :
- My navigation service.
- or the Apple navigation service.

Now with the version, it’s possible to use the drawer window which was at the beginning was a problem with the sheet window.

This version is fully compatible with Xcode/Codewarrior 8.3 and codewarrior 9.6.

Here’s the TextDocument demo from Metrowerks.