Own Training

2010 : New functionalities :
- Adding New Formal Stuff.

- Learn the way to move all the MP architecture to the posix threads management of each threads to achieve optimum performance.?

- Â Using LGPL gmp and mpfr libraries to manage the big numbers (./configure make Etc. with environment variable).

- Â Learn about the Grand Central Dispatch.

- Â etc....

2009 : New functionalities :
- Snow Leopard Compatibility
- Â Adding New Formal Stuff

2006/2007 : Big transition of my software iMathGeo to Xcode Cocoa (I rewrote about 70 000 lines of code) :

- Â Learn to use Applescript with cocoa (recording method as well)
- Â Learn Architecture Thread
- rewrote completely the NSTableView to implement OpenGL cells.

- Â rewrote the multiprocessing/OpenGL/2D graphics engines

- Â Etc.

2005 : Autodidact with Cocoa
- I moved my projects to Xcode
- Â I made the transition from Big endian to little endian (modifying the Power Plant Framework to be totally compatible with Xcode/Codewarrior intel/powerPC platform).

2004 : Worked with Linux PDC (files server). Found my own solution to manage a large heterogenic park (show the Experiences).
- Â Formation with simd technologies (Altivec Motorola).

2003 : Setting up Web Server (manage a Linux server) and I developed my own Web Site. (php, css, html etc....)

2002 : Extension of the PowerPlant Framework to be fully compatible with the new OS X technologies (Sheet window, drawer window, Etc.)

2000 : Learn the Power Plant Framework

1998 : Formal Development of a real time kernel.

1995 : Math Teacher

1994 : Stop my thesis because ther wasn’t any place to be researcher in maths.

1993 : master of research in maths applicated to engineering at "Paris Dauphine university (CEREMADE)" with collaboration with "l’école des Mines de Paris".