File server

File server
- Linux mandrake/Mandriva/CenOS server management (in particular with shell command line tool)

  • Management of samba server (PDC, file sharing, printer).
  • Management of a telnet or ssh services (allowing to control the remote server)
  • Shell script allowing me to manage 400 to 1200 users approximately and 170 host computers.
  • Quota management group and quotas users (50 MO for each users)
  • writing NT script (logon.bat, ps ppowershell scripts)
  • Group policies/Computer Policies/users policies, etc under Xp pro/Seven.
  • management of a NAS with automatically backup with the crontab.
  • management of a second server which the mirror of the first.
  • etc...

- W2K management

  • management of 2003 to 2012 windows Server with replications solutions.
  • Powershell script development with .net framework to manage the OU/Group creation or to create new accounts.
  • AD management with gpo etc ....