iMathGeo is a CAS (computer algebra system) which can easely export and in some cases import expressions which some softwares.

iMathGeo is a sort of equation editor too.

- Here’s an example in video :

- Here are a list of the compatible softwares :

Softwares Export to the software Import to iMathGeo
Adobe Indesign CS2
Adobe Indesign CS3
Adobe Indesign CS4
Microsoft Word VX
Microsoft Word 2004
Microsoft Word 2008
Microsoft Word 2011 (only with Pictures)
Microsoft Word 2011
full support of the new equation format
Pages 06
Pages 08
Pages 09
Keynote 06
Keynote 08
Keynote 09
iWeb 06
iWeb 08
iWeb 09
OpenOffice.org 3.0 [*]
TeXShop [*]
To all softwares
which can manage images

- iMathGeo export a whole document in LaTeX text or in a PDF document, and now it’s time to export to MathML format through the xhtml file type (for FireFox) or html format (for Safari or any web browser).
At least, there’s a new format : epub to build your own math document for iBooks.

Here’s the sheet window to export to epub format :

Here are some examples :
- with html format.
- with xhtml format only for FireFox.
- with LaTeX format.
- with epub format for iBooks.

- It’s possible to use services :

- Each line is an image which can be export to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, etc...

- here’s an example of export to : iWeb.

- It’s possible to export 3D graphics directly to a web site.

It’s possible to rotate each shape directly in this page.

It’s a contribution of Martin Kraus :

  • Here a torus :

\left \{
\begin{array}{c @{=} c}
x(t,u) & 3\cos(t)+\cos(t)\times\cos(u)\\
y(t,u) & 3\sin(t)+\cos(u)\times\sin(t)\\
z(t,u) & \sin(u)

  • An example of a "snake" shape :

\left \{
\begin{array}{c @{=} c}
x(t,u) & \cos(u)-3\cos(u)\cos(\frac{1}{2}u)\sin(t)+6\cos(t)\cos(u)\sin(t)\sin(\frac{1}{2}u)\\
y(t,u) & \sin(u)-3\cos(\frac{1}{2}u)\sin(t)\sin(u)+6\cos(t)\sin(t)\sin(u)\sin(\frac{1}{2}u)\\
z(t,u) & -3\sin(t)\sin(\frac{1}{/2}u)-6\cos(t)\cos(\frac{1}{2}u)\sin(t)

It’s only a little introduction of the export possibilities of iMathGeo.
iMathGeo is scriptable and it’s possible to export through with way.

Philippe (iMathGeo developper).


[*iMathGeo can produce OpenOffice.org Math formulas, in each part (Writer, Calc, etc...)

[*iMathGeo can produce LaTeX text