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Installation Instructions for installing the version

1.1. iMathGeo 3.3.1 is now available
- Features :

  • A new file format.
  • A new help menu item is now added with tutorials..
  • Optimization for the synchronizing processus after the multitasking calculations.
  • Optimization with the app nap process to increase the batteries with a laptop.
  • Multiple curves and surfaces are now supported
  • a new wysiwyg font menu
  • a better retina support
  • iMathGeo is now quickdraw free
  • compatibility with the versioning system of OS X
  • a new search field.
  • 64 bits application
  • optimized for Grand Central Dispatch
  • now compatible with OS X 10.10
  • support natively iCloud drive under OS X 10.10
  • etc...

1.2. To download it through the Mac App Store version 3.1:

The script menu and the communication inspector is now an external application and is called : "iMathGeoScript".

2.1. iMathGeoScript Download
Click the large icon at the bottom of this page to download iMathGeoScript.

2.2. Mount
Wait until the download is complete. If your web browser and system are properly configured, Disk Copy or Finder will open and mount the downloaded disk image. If this does not happen, locate in Finder the .dmg file that you downloaded and double-click it to open the file. (Double-check to be sure that you’ve quit all running copies of iMathGeoScript.dmg before you continue any further...)

2.3. Install
When the disk image mounts, a new Finder window will open that contains the icon for your iMathGeoScript.dmg installation package. Simply Double click the installer application.

Here’s the new 1.4.4 final version :
10.6 version
10.6 to 10.10 under Yosemite
DMG image file
DMG image file