1. iMathGeo

It is like a mathematical notebook who can easily export/calculate/draw everything you want from

Typographical Engine

Same Example In A Different Font

Symbolic Computation Tool
-limit calculation, differential calculation, equation solving tool-

Graphic Tool

Communication Tool
-Services, Applescript are supported-

And So Forth ...

2. what’s new in the 3.2.2 version
- formal calculations bug corrections.
- new file format
- A new help menu item is now added with tutorials.
- Optimization for the synchronizing processus after the multitasking calculations.
- Optimization with the app nap process to increase the batteries with a laptop.
- Saves Window Size and Position.
- Printing is updated.
- LaTeX, iBooks, html and xhtml export is improved.
- The export is retina display ready.
- Software displays retina in the 3D Mode.
- The 3D engine support now Anti Aliasing.
- Fixes the density of the images you want to export
- Real Time Adding shadows.
- A problem with the search field who was blurred too.
- Improvement of the axes drawing.
- The norm L2 is added in the function panel and in the matrix Applescript section.

You can download it HERE.


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