1. iMathGeo

It’s like a mathematical note book who can easily export/calculate/draw everything you want.

- Furthermore, iMathGeo is :

  • a typographical engine : and the same example with another font :
  • a symbolic computation tool (limit calculation, differential calculation, equation solving tool)
  • a graphics tool
  • a communication tool (services, applescript are supported).
  • a pictures importer :
  • etc ...

2. what’s new in the 3.1 version
- You can now save the window size and position.
- The printing processus is now updating.
- LaTeX, iBooks, html and xhtml export is now improved.
- You can add a numeration when you export your document.
- The export is retina display ready.
- The software is now retina display in the 3D mode.
- The 3D engine support now anti aliasing.
- You can now fix the density of the images you want to export
- Adding shadows is now done in real time.
- A problem with the edition field in a line update which was blurred.
- A problem with the search field who was blurred too.
- An improvement of the axes drawing.
- The norm L2 is added in the functions panel and in the matrix Applescript section too.

You can download it at this place.